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A Powerful Service for Corporations, Associations and Unions

Nurse NavigatorSM can be the foundation for your eldercare program whether you're an insurance company, a professional association or union, or an EAP or Work/Life program.

Nurse NavigatorSM is the country's leading provider of eldercare programs. Our programs use locally based professionals to provide hands-on help to employees/members trying to self-manage their eldercare crises and issues. We support our customers with a robust program, including: online access to information, telephonic assistance, access to our national network of care providers, and personalized service.

There's a strong business case to be made for offering an employer-sponsored eldercare service. Take a minute to visit our Cost Calculator and see how elder care issues might be costing your organization.

Eldercare Calculator

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Average Employee Age years
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Average Employee Salary

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Cost Type Yr. 2020 Cost Yr. 2025 Cost
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Caregiver Tool

This tool asks a series of questions about the caregiver and recipient and highlights the areas of strength and vulnerability.

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Two Minute Test

This brief questionnaire was designed to assist people worried about an elder and helps identify the level of risk present.

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